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Exploring the nexus between computational thinking and mathematical modelling

A video of the slides used in the plenary talk delivered by Dr Ang Keng Cheng at the 19th International Conference on the Teaching of Mathematical Modelling and Applications on 24 July 2019. This talk discusses the relationship and link between computational thinking and mathematical modelling through three examples.

Mathematical Modelling in Schools: an applied mathematician's lament

A talk given by Dr Ang Keng Cheng at the MME Staff and Graduate Student Colloquium on 30 November 2018. This talk discusses the motivation for a project undertaken to address issues and concerns with teaching mathematical modelling in schools, and the process which led to its outcomes.

Teaching Mathematical Modelling in a Technology-Enriched Environment

Video of slides for the Plenary Lecture given by Dr Ang Keng Cheng at the Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics 2017 on 18 December 2017. The talk focusses on Simulation Modelling, with implementation on Excel.

Examples accompanying the above talk include:

Example 1: The Chaos Game

Example 2: The Secretary Problem

Example 3: Particle Swarm Optimisation

Metacognition and Mathematical Modelling

Keynote lecture given by Professor Lee Ngan Hoe at the "Professional Sharing on Mathematical Modelling" event on 4 September 2017. Click Here to Download Slides.

An Introduction to Mathematical Modelling

In the following video, a teacher introduces Mathematical Modelling and links it to the Mathematics curriculum.

SIAM Video Series

The following trailer introduces a series of YouTube videos on Mathematical Modelling produced by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics.