Teaching Mathematical Modelling

Teaching mathematical modelling can be quite different from teaching of other topics in mathematics. This is partly because mathematical modelling typically involves not just knowledge and skills in mathematics and modelling, but very often also knowledge in other disciplines. In addition, the nature of modelling activities can lead to sometimes unpredictable outcomes in the classroom, and this may sometimes disrupt or derail a teacher’s lesson plan.

Therefore, it would be helpful if there are mechanisms or guidelines to help teachers design and plan their mathematical modelling lessons or activities for the classroom.

In this video, we discuss what is it we do when we teach mathematical modelling. The video is extracted from a talk given by KC Ang in 2010.

To help teachers design and develop mathematical modelling tasks, a framework is proposed. This framework has been used by several schools and has proven to be quite useful to some teachers. This video (about 20 minutes) is about a framework for the teaching of mathematical modelling. It is part of a seminar held in 2013 for a group of teachers in Singapore.

This series of four short videos explains and demonstrates how the Solver Tool in Microsoft Excel is used. This tool is quite useful for finding suitable parameter values in empirical modelling, and it is a good skill for the teacher to pick up.